Should we allow AI upscaling/enhancement for improving video quality?

  • No

    54.06% (346)

  • Yes

    45.94% (294)

Votes: 640
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goobadoo 1 week ago
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GPOPG 1 month ago
Optionally – and clearly marked. Not automatically, the original should be available as well.
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alwayshorny1 2 months ago
Natural is the way to go. Why would I want to watch women and then think is she real or not.
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Thickfinger 2 months ago
AI.. really, you want to look at fake photos,, this is an amateur site of real.. maybe you should look at anime, or similar sites for your pleasures.. me.. Iwill stay here and enjoy the realness of it all. AI is not a favorable thing, do some research
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gedy22 2 months ago
Whilst I agree with what you've said.. your answer has nothing to do with what the question was.
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TheMilkCollection 2 months ago
Hell yes! Some videos are just unwatchable. 240p it's not acceptable nowadays, and with the very old videos, they just look much nicer with a simple upscale, while still maintaining the amateur aspect. I understand the "bad quality amateur feel" but the thing is, everyone is filming these videos with iPhone in 1080/4k, then they get uploaded somewhere, then they finally get here, but in 480p!! So many uploads/downloads takes the definition out, I say we're living in a HD time, then let's watch HD homemade porn. The setting, the lighting, the women, they'll all remain real, but we'll be able to see them BETTER.
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TheMilkCollection 2 months ago
I didn't even mention FPS, I'm not sure the site accepts 60 frames, pretty sure not more than that, since it occupies so much space, but 60 fps makes wonders for these videos imo, much more than resolution, actually.
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Halfmanhalfamazin 2 months ago
The beauty of amateur isn't the quality... it's the moments... I don't need a video to look weirdly upscaled to get off to it. We've been great without it and we'll keep being great without it. If you want super high quality porn, then go to any site that gives you 4K porn.
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