Should we allow AI generated images?

  • No

    82.37% (715)

  • Yes

    17.63% (153)

Votes: 868
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Halfmanhalfamazin 1 week ago
I'm just going to say... HELL NO.
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CJny 2 weeks ago
I vote to keep it real. You know, like us,
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wagner7123 1 month ago
Pretty sure this is supposed to be an amateur site but it’s mostly been pro or semi pro for years. That said, if wanted cartoons I’d go to a cartoon site. If I wanted pros, I’d go to a pro site. If you let everything in, then you’re no different than everywhere else.
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Halfmanhalfamazin 1 week ago
I don't agree, I would say it's still about 75% amateur, at least the pictures.
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dane-viking 1 month ago
Creating a world where noone Can tell reality from fiction is a crab-world!! If you want a fake image you should not be going to WBW to look for it, WBW is a page for real Human amateur girls!
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ElonMusk 1 month ago
Free country, let people do what they want, as long as they are not hurting anyone, the only things I don't want people posting here is, anything under 18, everything's got to be 18 and over, no illegal stuff like animals and stuff, and no gay porn, more power to you if your gay, I respect and support your right to be gay, but I don't want to accidentally run into it, I don't understand why some guys put pics of there dicks as there profile pictures, people don't want to be looking at your dick, when they are trying to have a conversation in the forums.
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Halfmanhalfamazin 1 week ago
Are you 5 years old? Free country? You realize this is an international site? So free country, unless you're gay, got it.
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NaughtyNomad 1 month ago
I'd be okay with an AI section as long as the pictures aren't showing up on the home page. I'm here to see real women, flaws and all, not computer generated art. It would suck to have the main page overwhelmed by AI crap.
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[Deleted] 1 month ago
Yes, in an AI section.
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bangermash 1 month ago
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isitin 1 month ago
You already are
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Ohmylahd 1 month ago
No. If you want art go to DevianArt but Ai is not what boys want here. We want the real deal
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bob4funs1234 1 month ago
Yes, in an AI section. Likely in a year or two AI images could be so realistic we can't tell the difference. Or relax the standards for all pics in one designated section. If you crop or fix red eyes in a picture now it can be rejected as "photoshopped". Yet, I see perfect boobs that are obviously AI coming through now.
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TheMilkCollection 1 month ago
An AI section watermarked as AI, so there's no doubt about it. I supposed having the prompt would be good too
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Texlab 1 month ago
this is probably the best idea.
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asunfisher 1 month ago
Yes, in an AI section.
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strictguy 1 month ago
Hell no! You call this an amateur site so keep the computer generated BS off of it!
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yodah2006 1 month ago
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Mojito31 1 month ago
Basically no. If they are marked as such, I could deal with it.
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Cecillll 1 month ago
perfect is okay, but you lose some of the things that trip your trigger
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