What should be the minimum length of video?

  • 30 seconds

    50.85% (690)

  • 15 seconds

    23.29% (316)

  • 10 seconds

    16.51% (224)

  • 5 seconds

    6.78% (92)

  • 2 seconds

    1.40% (19)

  • 1 second

    1.18% (16)

Votes: 1357
[Deleted] 9 months ago
What should be the minimum length of a survey? Jesus Christ

-this post will be deleted-
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james27032703 10 months ago
surely at least 2 mins, but for sure allow filters to choose
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rcx2014 11 months ago
No, minimum length but let us filter by length. <30s, <60s, <5min, 10 min, etc. Search/filters is already a bit hard in this site. If someone is looking for longer videos/sextapes, it's a little bit annoying to have to go through hundreds of 5 second clips (which are still hot and should be allowed).

We don't have and will never have the tons of metadata from mainstream sites, but length, rating, viewcount and token price should be there.
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andos 1 year ago
If you're pulling your dick to these videos...I do,
just being honest! They should auto restart the video after it finishes, like reddit does!
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hydrahead 1 year ago
Any length of time is fine. Just choose what you want to view.
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asunfisher 1 year ago
The busier you get, the more you appreciate the short videos. There are some 5 second videos that I'm definitely glad I saw them.
[Deleted] 1 year ago
social media type platforms (Tumblr TikTok) have banned "nudity". these short-length videos on this website... they seem to have found a nice place to be hosted and viewed!
I dare to propose a Poll, something like: are you interested more -on pictures -on freemium content -on videos or -on videos and full-sized pictures?
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Halfmanhalfamazin 1 year ago
Some of the best material I've ever seen have been sweet short videos of amazing sexy moments that only lasted a few seconds. It would be stupid to get rid of them. I've never cared about the length of a video, but the quality and uniqueness of it. Who cares if a video is 10 mins long, but it's the same view of a girl riding or a dude pumping into a girl from the same position. If short videos get removed from the uploads, I wont upload anymore.
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greenmanone 1 year ago
I just looked at the top 100 trending vids to see how many are over 30 seconds, guess how many? 1 out of 100
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Halfmanhalfamazin 1 year ago
EXACTLY. Don't you guys dare limit video length. Thank you.
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Halfmanhalfamazin 1 year ago
No limits, in the world we live in with cameras being everywhere, one of a kind sexy moments happen in a flash, and those moments are short and sweet but end up being way hotter than some dude railing a girl in the same position for five minutes. Just to give an example, this morning I saw a 13 second clip of some geeky chick with glasses sucking on her friend's big ass tit, probably cause of a dare. That shit was hotter than any other video I've seen all week. A large part of the sexiest moments are moments that only lasted a few seconds. So don't kill those type of videos. ESPECIALLY not in the world of amateur content. Amateur content by nature should have NO LIMITS. It wasn't made to be commercialized and to get someone off from beginning to end. It's simply a GLIMPSE into someone's sexuality, whether it lasts five seconds or 15 minutes.
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chegginer 1 year ago
I'd say a full minute. And you should be able to easily filter out short stuff. I prefer 5 min or longer for example
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greenmanone 1 year ago
you put limits on things, and you lose content. same with babes and cars if there were no limits on size of pics you would have tons more content. I have posted long videos and very short videos the long videos get tiny amounts of views the short ones get 10 times the views. it is all about if you don't want to see something don't look at it but don't deny others who want to see it. also denying posts for "bad quality" is another thing that takes content away, not everything is perfect, but it is content and if you ask people what they want content or perfection I think people would say content by a huge margin.
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Halfmanhalfamazin 1 year ago
Exactly. I've seen some TRUE gems that were only 10 seconds or less. And does it suck that the person took such a short video of something amazingly hot? Yes. Would I rather not have those 10 seconds? Hell no. No limits. People need to stop being so damn picky and lazy. If you don't like short/long videos then don't click on them.
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digidoo 1 year ago
How about 1 minute, or have a separate category for short clips? It takes forever to browse any category now, with so many (to me) useless offerings of a few seconds which I just pass over to find something to watch. It's getting to be like a cheap dollar store around here, I usually go elsewhere these days. Or what if we could choose to filter out clips less than a certain length, it would save an enormous amount of time and effort.
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greenmanone 1 year ago
no offence Digidoo but you call this place a cheap dollar store and yet you have been here since 2016 and you have not added ANYTHING to the site ZERO not one upload nothing, this site runs on people who upload content what you see on this site is thanks to members who DO upload content, you should be thankful to those who do upload because without them you would have nothing to look at at all. but I do agree with you that a filter that allows you to choose what length of videos you want to see is a good idea.
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ElonMusk 1 year ago
1 second should be the minimum length, better yet there should be no minimum length at all, let me share my unbeatable Vulcan logic, if its a beautiful woman that I want to see, 1 second is better then no seconds. There's only 2 things I really care about on a porn site, 1- I don't want anything under 18 on the site, every things got to be 18 or over, and 2- no gay stuff, if your gay more power to you, got nothing against you, I just don't want to see it.
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Halfmanhalfamazin 1 year ago
You've never uploaded anything yourself, so there's that.