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#1 Posted by goobadoo on 21:35 25-08-2011
I could watch that all day!
#2 Posted by browser2525 on 21:42 25-08-2011
That is about as hot as it gets right there... And natural...
#3 Posted by oldguy on 02:44 26-08-2011
that was hot
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#4 Posted by ubspider on 23:33 27-08-2011
does anyone know where to get more videos of the girl on her back at first? I know she has many more videos. Thanks
#5 Posted by AJ100 on 15:25 02-09-2011
Awesome looking blonde wifey gettin' work on by her friend, after she eats the brunette. My fantasy to happen to my wife (hers too) .
I would to join in on these two
#6 Posted by scorp8181 on 23:09 02-09-2011
thats a good video
#7 Posted by hiproof on 17:34 05-09-2011
Really beautiful girls, but girl-girl just doesn't excite me. To each his/her own, but this is not mine.
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#8 Posted by ab1969 on 22:58 12-04-2012
SUPER hot stuff there, same sex action is super intense as these hot chicks illustrate here...
Goodbi normal, hello variety!
#9 Posted by eldjr on 16:52 18-09-2012
My all time favorite. These two girls are wonderful and extremely arousing.
#10 Posted by mgreen53 on 15:26 06-05-2013
Fucking "A"!!! It's a excerpt of a film, I believe, but it is the best I've seen in a long time. If it is not an excerpt it was well done. Keep em' coming!!!
If only for just a season.


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Uploaded on: 07:45 25-08-2011
Uploaded by: hansgustav2000
Category: Lesbian Action
Series: Link
Duration: 00:06:42
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