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#1 Posted by shockwavesix on 17:00 10-05-2017
Holy shit, girl's got skillz
ILBP finds this awesome.
#2 Posted by rower41 on 17:06 11-05-2017
Outstanding finish and swallow
AJ100 finds this awesome.
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#3 Posted by AJ100 on 14:34 13-05-2017
Outstanding !

The red underwear, the cheerleader bow in her hair, her long brunette hair and green eyes, wonderful smile and she's really cute too

The way she deep throats, sucks his cock and plays to the camera almost had me ing. How he held off as long as he did is beyond me And when her ed down her throat and she swallowed was fantastic.

Monica has added a new one to her top 5
monicamonica finds this awesome.
#4 Posted by dogdude on 19:56 13-05-2017
Nice, Monica..VERY..5 stars
#5 Posted by hiproof on 15:03 15-05-2017
Love how she puts her arms under his legs and goes in for the kill with just her mouth and throat. Hall of fame performance.
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#6 Posted by Paramon on 00:48 18-05-2017
she is pretty good sucker
he is happy dude
#7 Posted by FunNeGuy13 on 22:43 19-05-2017
wow, i think i'm in love...
#8 Posted by heatseeker80 on 07:26 28-05-2017
Now that is Wifey material right there. She is really beautiful. Getting your dick sucked by this girl will ruin you for the rest. Her work with her mouth is FanFuckingTastic. I Love her.


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Uploaded on: 00:37 10-05-2017
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