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Christina Model Videos [LOCKED]

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#31 Posted by will1000 on 04:37 05-05-2004
Are you serious?!?! Does the fact that she never has done nor will do (for the time being anyway) a nude shot mean nothing to you?!?! And wouldnt it be a bit strange that that picture would be the ONLY picture of that nature. Seriously! Try finding another topless shot of her, you wont find any....for crying out loud, there are soooo many Christina fakes I'm surprised you havent seen them and realised this one is also fake.
The only thing that annoys me more than the fact I am actually saying this is the stupidty of the people who believe Slider's bullshit fake is real!
intense in ten cities \m/
#32 Posted by will1000 on 04:44 05-05-2004
There is a thread on 'Who's That Babe' about Christina. It is called 'Christina VERY see through' on that there are some recent pictures of her wearing an exceptionally see-through top (wet aswell I might add). They are good but trust me when I say they are also about as topless as she is going to get for the moment.
intense in ten cities \m/
#33 Posted by sbr55 on 13:04 05-05-2004
fake fake fake fake fake.
#34 Posted by bye_all on 12:58 07-05-2004
Not fake at all, folks. Christina turned 18. Those models are/were under 18, so no booty or nipple shots. I suppose "sheer" was good enough. Now, carefully look through your library and watch 'em puppies g-r-O-W!!! I'm looking forward to more Pinktina in the future.

The Olsen twins are next??? Yeah, right. Christina's left boob weighs as much as MK&A together.

The "seuxyhailies" has me drooling, too. My tongue's got an erection.

Thanks, Slider.
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#35 Posted by slidersexy4u on 03:28 09-05-2004
will you're such a sweetie, will you have sex with me? []
i need sex !
#36 Posted by Waste on 15:25 09-05-2004
Shut up.
All of you.
#37 Posted by doubled on 04:26 01-07-2004
How's this?

[Re-posted file deleted by moderator --Cobrian]
#38 Posted by mythme on 12:39 02-07-2004
i swear some people yell fake just because boobs are's quite annoying sometimes.
#39 Posted by lostroma on 22:48 02-07-2004
Sorry but that definatly is not christinamodel. TRUST ME I HAVE JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING SHE HAS DONE nd that isnt her.
#40 Posted by mickster on 23:12 02-07-2004
If you have "just about everything she has done" ....

How do you know that this isn't one of the things you DON'T have?
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