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RULES of the Famous Babes Forum [LOCKED]

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#1 Posted by Punly on 06:30 28-05-2006
Mods of this section are : Chase and Oskari.


1) Illegal Material-
Do not post or upload anything relating to Under Age (under 18), Rape, Bestiality, Disgusting, Copyrighted or Professional (hotlinking is allowed for images), Hardcore Drugs, or Male Homosexual Activity. Scat and Urination are included in this rule.

2) Derogatory, Insulting, Trolling, or Off-Topic Posts-
Do not post anything that is generally insulting, useless (one word, emoticon, or off-topic), just links, or in poor taste, especially when in reference to women (ie: bitch, ho, etc). We will not accept such behavior, and will immediately edit the post AND warn the poster.

All members are welcome to make requests in Who's That Girl and Babe Movie Forums without regard to post count, level, member status, or previous contributions. No one may post derogatory comments, bash, degrade, or otherwise discourage another member from making requests or enjoying this website based solely on their previous level of participation.

3) Personnal Information-
Do not post or ask any personnal or contact informations of either yourself, or one of the models in the pictures posted.

4) This is an English Only Forum-
All posts must be in English, or have an accurate translation accompanying the post.

5) Hotlinking-
You may hotlink up to 50 thumbnails images links per post, OR 3 full-sized hotlinked images. (See this thread to learn how to hotlink.) Please hotlink WBW tagged images instead of reuploading them to our servers again.

6) SPAM-
Do not advertise for any pay sites, or post any pay-per-click URLs, or repeatedly post the same URL, or just links. We will remove the URL and warn the poster. This also includes single word or emoticon-only posts. This rule is an extension of Rule #2.

7) Circumvention of Security Features-
Do not try to circumvent our Greylisting/Blacklist system, or post on ways to circumvent other site's security features. Doing so will warrant an immediate warning.

8) Creating Threads-
Please use the search feature before creating a thread, threads are locked for old age, please contact a Mod if you need a thread opened to contribute similar pictures.

9) Posting in Caps-
Do not post in all caps, that is reserved for moderators incase the member's attention needs to be obtained.

10) Models that are not to be posted on WBW
  • Sweet Victoria
  • Any of the models from CamWithHer
  • Amanda Wenk
  • Melissa Midwest
  • Casey of CaseyCam
  • Christina Model
  • Christine/Christina Young
  • Hannah
  • Ask Jolene "search engine"
  • Teen Kelly
  • Tiffany Teen
  • Aria Giovanni
  • Severina Vuckovic
  • Ann-Angel
  • Vicky (aka slidersexy4u)
  • Ms Michele
  • Any of "yougotitflauntit" website

11) Please Don't Add/Release/Requests-
If you don't want other members to contribute in your thread, type [PDA] in the beginning of the title.
If you wish others to share pictures/movies in the thread please type [REL] in the beginning of the title.
If you wish to request a particular theme, type [REQ] in the beginning of the title.

12) Hosts-
Hosts using popup or popunder, or hosts having a money earning system are not accepted. Posters using those will have their posts removed and be warned. The host used will then be blacklisted. If you don't know what hosts to use, you can check ChickUpload or Imagevenue.


1) This is the Famous babes forum. This is the forum where all (female) celebrities, athletes, musicians, super model, pay site internet models, etc. pics should be posted. Additionally, this is the forum where all talk of celebrities and pay site internet models should be placed (please include pictures). (i.e. new site, a model finally going nude, two models who are now working together, etc.)

2) As all pics here are professional and/or copyrighted, they must be hotlinked. NO EXCEPTIONS.

3) Do not start a thread based on only one pic or only a zip file. If you wish to post a link to a zip/rar file, all pictures contained in the zip/rar must be posted here for the convenience of our members who do not wish to download the zip/rar file. zip/rar/ files may NOT contain any professional copyrighted, or stamped watermarked pics, files containing these will be deleted. Also, any post containing a link to a zip/rar without all contents being posted here will be deleted.

DISCLAIMER : Downloading of RAR / ZIP files from the WBW forums are completely at the downloaders own risk. Whilst every effort is made by the moderators of WBW to ensure the content of these files are within the rules, they are hosted by the uploaders chosen external file hoster and therefore WBW cannot guarantee the content of these files

The Moderators reserve the right to amend these rules at any point in time.
The Moderator's judgments on thread or post edits or deletions are not up for debate.
If you have any questions regarding these rules, please contact one of the Mods through PM.
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So this is what the dream feels like;
This is the victory we fought for.
#2 Posted by Punly on 06:31 28-05-2006
  • 28-05-2006: Added a clarification to section IV, and fixed a gramatical error.
  • 31-05-2006: Added section VII: Banned models.
  • 31-05-2006: Added a new bullet to section IV.
  • 01-06-2006: Another new bullet was added to section IV.
  • 04-06-2006: The important note was added.
  • 11-06-2006: Confirmation to Tiffany Teen's not being allowed to be posted was added.
  • 11-06-2006: Important note II added.
  • 15-06-2006: Added the one/two picture thread rule.
  • 18-06-2006: Broadened the intro to include talk of models, etc.
  • 23-06-2006: Edit made to the hotlinking section. Ri-res added, as well as 15 thumbnail rule.
  • 29-06-2006: A note regarding pay per view/click sites was added.
  • 03-08-2006: Changed the forum description a little.
  • 06-08-2006: Fixed screwed up special symbols.
  • 21-09-2006: Christina model has been added to the banned model list.
  • 21-09-2006: Playboy copyrighted pics aren't welcomed anymore.
  • 22-10-2006: VicVega will replce YahMan; rules have been pruned.
  • 29-10-2006: Another bullet was added to the "threads" section.
  • 30-01-2007: Format changed to make "everyone" happy.
  • 27-05-2007: New banned model added.
  • 08-02-2012: Mod's update
  • 15-11-2012: Rules modified to reflect 50 thumbs per post rule change
  • 01-06-2013: Rule #12 on hosts added + 50 pages limit removed + rules refreshed
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So this is what the dream feels like;
This is the victory we fought for.