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Missy Model [LOCKED]

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#1 Posted by wdat on 15:27 02-11-2004

Doesn anyone know what's happening to the original MissyModel? Looks like she'll be replace on Nov. 16
Is she going to another site? I'd love to see her nude.
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#2 Posted by Buccy on 15:59 02-11-2004
I dunno.

Missy went south QUICKLY after a year. She got 3 tat's and she started getting a gunt. Every set was a see-through shirt with a thong... got boring kinda.

I like the Progression these girls go through... kinda sexy outfits, to sexy outfits, to wet t-shirts, to thongs and see-through shirts, but you KNOW after that they stop progressing. There is no nudity and I don't think there ever will be unless they break from the horrible photographer that runs these shit holes.
#3 Posted by PrimePA on 22:24 02-11-2004
Actually the current Missy left the production company and is going solo. The site isn't even up and running yet, but she has a yahoo group called missyspalace. She's a nice kid, I've gotten to talk to her a few times.
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#4 Posted by El_Crab on 23:56 03-11-2004
I can't attach a pic of her, can I? Per the forum rules?
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#5 Posted by enigma2138 on 04:49 09-11-2004
I have a topless real photo of her is any1 wants.
#6 Posted by enigma2138 on 04:49 09-11-2004
I have a topless real photo of her if any1 wants.
#7 Posted by seth's_GF on 04:58 09-11-2004
@ enigma2138 - Well, show as.

remember WBW rulz but.
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#8 Posted by mal on 05:06 09-11-2004
The new missy???? ugh She didnt go south for crying out loud we grew up w her. And she looks like my ex. Her and christina are the originals.
#9 Posted by enigma2138 on 05:45 09-11-2004
@seth2 - just give me your e-mail addy & i'll mail it to you.
#10 Posted by megatron on 05:56 09-11-2004
dang if you're just giving out nudie pics, ill take one... wait, why don't you just post it? why does it smell fishy in here?
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