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Traci Lords - Another Roll In The Hay [LOCKED]

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#1 Posted by mystery_man143 on 09:49 17-09-2004
I know this is a long shot, but does anyone have "Another Roll In The Hay" starring Traci Lords on your PC? I used to sneak this one out of my old man's porno collection and watch it when I was a horny teenager (now I'm just a horny adult). I've been looking for it for years now. I ran across it on GUBA but I don't have a membership and I can't see paying to join for one movie.

Thought I'd ask. If anyone has it and is willing to share, let me know!!!
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#2 Posted by Mr._Self_Destruct on 10:02 17-09-2004

Old school WBWer
#3 Posted by Peter_Griffin on 10:13 17-09-2004
Those videos are illegal because she was underage then -- or so I thought.
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#4 Posted by mystery_man143 on 11:12 17-09-2004
Really? That sucks. I heard she did do some movies before she turned 18 but I didn't know that was one of them.
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#5 Posted by Azumah on 11:23 17-09-2004
I believe almost every movie was done before she turned 18. Only a few was done after. At least that's what I heard
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#6 Posted by mystery_man143 on 11:47 17-09-2004
Was she exploited or did she lie about her age to make some $$$?
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#7 Posted by HungLikEaChamp on 14:03 17-09-2004
she lied about her age. and she was on drugs almost all the time...
#8 Posted by Thargor99 on 15:29 17-09-2004
I meet her about 10 Years ago. She was very nice. She spoke at my college then a group of us went out to dinner with her.
#9 Posted by frodobus on 15:29 17-09-2004
every movie but one ( a non sexy french ) was deemed child porn and ordered destroyed. she then did the one mentioned film and raked in the bucks. a smart fuck me thinks.
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#10 Posted by showoffzzzz on 17:45 17-09-2004
You can try Kazza, I tried emule and found it, but it is 0% which means I probably won't have any chance of downloading it for you.

She has done a hell of a lot of movies.