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What do you think about my girlfriend?

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#21 Posted by Bigbucky73 on 12:11 15-03-2019
Originally posted by fast95yzf
Love the boat pic! Something about being out in the open makes it so hot! Enjoy her!

Thanks Fast. I enjoy her every day.
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#22 Posted by Bigbucky73 on 12:14 15-03-2019
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#23 Posted by fast95yzf on 13:21 15-03-2019
Love those! ^ Thank you!
#24 Posted by suttieblack on 23:14 15-03-2019
She has a great body.
#25 Posted by Bigbucky73 on 17:39 16-03-2019
Thanks for the comments. We both enjoy them.
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#26 Posted by fast95yzf on 18:04 16-03-2019
Any penetration shots? She looks like she could really take it! I don't know how you could hold back!
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#27 Posted by clayman1280 on 13:20 19-03-2019
She is fantastic..what a hot, fun, sexy woman with a banging body! Good grief I bet she is such a great fuck! Lucky man for sure...
#28 Posted by cockylad on 16:46 20-03-2019
Very hot looking great tits
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#29 Posted by LesZinghout on 21:20 20-03-2019
Yummy dirty public slut...I'd love to cum on her in public if she wanted it.
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Twat? I cunt hear you!
#30 Posted by Bigbucky73 on 22:56 20-03-2019
Thanks all. We're thinking about having someone else for her to play with just not sure how to go about it yet.
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