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JamesR ??

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#1 Posted by dogdude on 03:29 04-07-2018
So what happened to this big time poster, all pic's are gone and title now say's Anonymous. Was this done by him or the Mods?
Whooff....woof is for little dogs
#2 Posted by ArcticThong on 06:09 04-07-2018
Did JamesR pass … or is he using an new name?? I liked his posts regardless of the name change. If JamesR passed, I wish to express my condolences..
No trees were harmed in any posting on this site...However, several million electrons were seriously inconvenienced !!
#3 Posted by Anonymous on 17:39 11-07-2018
No word on what happened then?
#4 Posted by Diz-X on 19:01 11-07-2018
If posts change to Anonymous an account has been deleted. I cannot see why an account has been deleted.
Anonymous, dogdude find this awesome.
#5 Posted by BigGuySmall on 20:55 11-07-2018
Wow. Heavy blow to this site. So much content gone.
dogdude finds this awesome.