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Wife with big tits wants dirty comments

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#11 Posted by lakecouple040 on 22:25 16-05-2018
Any comments? Any request
#12 Posted by pussyliquor419 on 22:37 16-05-2018
would love to fuck those tits and blast all over em
Panties aren't the greatest thing in the world,
but they are next to it.
#13 Posted by lakecouple040 on 22:47 16-05-2018
Friends tit fuck her
#14 Posted by d1dman on 23:03 16-05-2018
Originally posted by lakecouple040
Any comments? Any request

Yeah, I have a request.

Can I be next on her fuck list???

She makes my cock hard!
Message me if you're interested in trading wife pics.
#15 Posted by lakecouple040 on 23:11 16-05-2018
waiting on her tit fuck she lost a bet with friends
#16 Posted by weasel on 23:44 16-05-2018
hot damn!
i know why u cried...
#17 Posted by rhomboid on 23:59 16-05-2018
God, I think the truckers would love those hooters!!
#18 Posted by rhomboid on 00:01 17-05-2018
I'd love to see her with a big smile holding a big dick in each hand. Looks like she does not shy away from threesomes. Good for her!
#19 Posted by lakecouple040 on 04:14 17-05-2018
Ok I have that lol
#20 Posted by lakecouple040 on 04:24 17-05-2018
he surprised her and cummed in her mouth