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My wife Lisa

Score: 4.31 Votes: 26
#1 Posted by hardmann82 on 23:07 12-03-2018
This is my wife Lisa she is 33. pls tell me what you think. she loves to hear what others think of her. and no holding back!!
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#2 Posted by hardmann82 on 23:10 12-03-2018
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#3 Posted by heybooboo1 on 00:15 13-03-2018
SHe's exactly the right all ways.
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All my pics and movies are of my wives and our girlfriends mainly. Hope you like them.
#4 Posted by PARA1911 on 01:19 13-03-2018
Need to see more for a good evaluation.
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#5 Posted by Nard187 on 08:59 13-03-2018
Definitely like what I see so far. Hot body
#6 Posted by cockylad on 09:37 13-03-2018
very nice youve done well
#7 Posted by spruceknob7 on 13:14 13-03-2018
I want to fuck your wife, especially because it looks like she's no stranger to anal.
you never know what is enough until you know what is too much
#8 Posted by panosili21 on 13:26 13-03-2018
She is too hot...
#9 Posted by justabrowser on 14:55 13-03-2018
You should marry her! Wait a minute...
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#10 Posted by Anonymous on 18:29 13-03-2018
I won't hold back. Lisa needs my cock! She's hot!