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Rate my wife!

Score: 4.05 Votes: 20
#1 Posted by Anonymous on 04:15 14-02-2018
Rate my wife 1-10

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#2 Posted by watchjoe on 06:51 14-02-2018
Very Very Sexy
#3 Posted by louis11100 on 07:26 14-02-2018
yes.... sexy babe !!!
#4 Posted by whatsup10 on 12:35 14-02-2018
Sexy, love to see more
#5 Posted by Anonymous on 13:21 14-02-2018
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#6 Posted by d1dman on 15:38 14-02-2018
Face 7
Tits 7
Ass 8
Legs 6 (I'm not a 'leg' guy)
Stomach 7
Pussy 8

She's very hot. The best part of her is that she'll pose for you though. That gets her bonus points in my book. You ever share her? Have that fantasy? Tell her about it?

And the pics in that last post, I wish you would post them individually so I could see them larger.
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Message me if you're interested in trading wife pics.
#7 Posted by romar57 on 17:22 14-02-2018
She's terrific.
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"You are only as old as the woman you feel." Groucho Marx
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#8 Posted by LesZinghout on 18:56 14-02-2018
I wouldn't turn her away. Lucky you. If you want numbers:

Face/Cuteness: 8
Breasts: 5
Ass: 6
Puss: 7

But none of that matters as long as you're happy with her, and she's 'talented'.
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#9 Posted by Herzeleid on 15:52 16-02-2018
Sexy wife! Do you have sexy pics of her when she was pregnant?
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#10 Posted by coco56 on 19:31 16-02-2018
9 for all..
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