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Just another wife

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#81 Posted by bobbysworld2 on 20:02 15-10-2016
I don't want to believe she's hotter with her clothes on, but that bra shot has me thinking. I'd still like to see her tied up a bit.
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#82 Posted by xpos on 15:52 23-10-2016
Roughly 2 months after she had our fourth. The best thing about this period is you can unload as much cum as you want inside her without knocking her up. No condoms, fucking heaven.

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#83 Posted by Masterseven on 17:44 27-10-2016
only one word: lovely!
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#84 Posted by nok_nok on 14:16 12-11-2016
love the girdle and her boobs are getting bigger!
AWESOME MUCHO! She just keeps getting better with age.
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#85 Posted by bobbysworld2 on 08:14 18-11-2016
Phew, you re-enforced my belief that she is hotter naked.
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#86 Posted by xpos on 09:56 08-08-2017
We were in Japan staying in a ryokan. She was getting ready to jump into a hot spring wearing a traditional Japanese yukata.

What kind of a man would I be if I didn't ask her to expose herself for a sexy shoot. We didn't make love but she enjoyed the fingering I gave.

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#87 Posted by regina1 on 22:42 08-08-2017
She likes woman?
I'll lick her pussy.
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#88 Posted by ninjashrink11 on 00:58 09-08-2017
kudos to the photographer...amazing woman....amazing photos
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#89 Posted by xpos on 00:40 13-08-2017
I had been away in a conference for a week. In the middle of a seminar I received an email titled "surprise". I thought it was her ideas for the surprise gift for her bff's bday.

The seminar was exclusive for my co and the whole room was filled with colleagues (that knew her) and this image popped up in the email body. She was ovulating and was all kinds of horny.

Somehow the stars aligned and I was sitting at the rear of the room in the corner with no one behind.

The all too common nightmare realizing mid-way through conducting a presentation that you're clad only in your underpants, and you wake up with your heart in your throat. This was 10x worse, and it was all too REAL. My mouse fingers was shaking as I hit the close button as quickly as I can. I was in cold sweats, my heart was beating out of my chest and I must've looked pale, my friend next to me asked if I was alright. Banging headache, I said.

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#90 Posted by nok_nok on 11:01 25-09-2017
Wow! I wish I had a surprise like that, The story is as good as her body. Ta muchly
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