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Blonde with new boobs

Score: 1.86 Votes: 7
#1 Posted by davethedope on 00:49 19-10-2012

#2 Posted by Tabrew on 00:58 19-10-2012
A nice C cup would have fit her
body better but who am I to judge
Still looks sweet
#3 Posted by Anonymous on 01:01 19-10-2012
just wrong
#4 Posted by camping1 on 01:49 19-10-2012
where are the scars?? i didnt see any
#5 Posted by sweetfury85 on 01:59 19-10-2012
Ouch.......reminds me of when I saw my roommate's new boob job, one week later...PAINFUL!!! She said it took hers like 6 months to "relax" !
#6 Posted by Otto69 on 02:20 19-10-2012
Attractive woman, & her breasts look fine (for now).
#7 Posted by rainbowdemon on 02:21 19-10-2012
Should have kept the old ones!!

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#8 Posted by sweetfury85 on 02:30 19-10-2012
Originally posted by camping1

where are the scars?? i didnt see any

Oh, breast augmentation surgery has advanced on multiple the point now where all it takes is a small, nearly invisible incision just near the armpit to get gargantuan, bountiful boobies :-D