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Lisa Leuschner, "American Idol" Season 3 [LOCKED]

Score: 2.56 Votes: 9
#1 Posted by Tyrannus on 22:51 12-01-2012
One of my dream girls. "American Idol" contestant. Such a sweet and innocent face. A marvelous voice. And a gigantic rack! I envy all the men lucky enough to have sucked on those beauties! She seems like such a sweet girl, too.

#2 Posted by Tyrannus on 22:53 12-01-2012
Here is video of her performing:
#3 Posted by Tyrannus on 22:03 13-02-2012
#4 Posted by Anonymous on 23:06 13-02-2012
Well she's not my type at all, but I'm glad you like her.
#5 Posted by Tyrannus on 23:59 13-02-2012
Originally posted by Elmer280

Well she's not my type at all, but I'm glad you like her.

Too chubby for your taste?
#6 Posted by tonybofjersey on 00:06 14-02-2012
I was actually hoping for nudes :'(
Fat girls need love, but not bandwidth
#7 Posted by Tyrannus on 01:03 23-03-2012
I wouldn't suggest clicking unless you can stand covers of bad Korean pop music but I find those tits irresistible. I think she's a great singer; I just wish she had better taste in music.
#8 Posted by BillK on 04:03 23-03-2012
damn that show sukz!!!
#9 Posted by Tyrannus on 23:41 23-03-2012
Originally posted by BillK

damn that show sukz!!!

I've only watched it for one season. It's more about image and finding a commercial pop star then advancing the best singer. I think it's pretty lame.
#10 Posted by Anonymous on 10:51 25-03-2012
I love them!