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Have You Ever Had Sex With A Relative? [LOCKED]

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#11 Posted by nihasa on 07:16 20-10-2007
i saw my cousin in the shower and got a boner. i was like 9 and had never seen tits before.
and my stepsister was hitting on me one night when we got drunk together. i had recently put my hand up her shirt when we were sleepin. shes not blood related, but we've been brother and sister since i was five, and she kinda older. but i'm clser to her than my real sister, so its the same concept.. but i never did sleep in the bed with her again.
#12 Posted by Sails on 09:56 20-10-2007
I come from an ugly family..... So no...
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#13 Posted by [Sic] on 11:34 20-10-2007
Hrmmmm Im disturbed by this thread... I would and never would have sexual relations with a family member... But then again Im from the outcast part of the family, so I dont really know my extended family... plus half of them are asian and im not into the asians...

Now answer me this...
Have you? and why do you want to know? is it justification?

and you want me to vote for your thread? sweet as dude done....
It was the best of times...
#14 Posted by 11111111112 on 11:40 20-10-2007
I have two gorgeous cousins. I can see them as beautiful but I can't at all imagine having sex with them. It is not a sexual attraction at all, just an admiration of beauty I guess.
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#15 Posted by spiff77 on 11:54 20-10-2007
I have never myself, but I do know relatives that have. And more than once.

But then again, I am from South Ga. I have never seen a family tree that didn't go straight up till I left home.
#16 Posted by oddy on 11:56 20-10-2007
Errrr... I don't see the problem in having sex with a relative? I mean, sister / mother (specially mother) sounds kind of sick, but with a cousin? Bah! You like her, she likes you, you have sex a couple of times, you enjoy it and you move on. Never done it though, females in my family are scarce...
#17 Posted by HipsterDufus on 16:59 20-10-2007
#18 Posted by ray1 on 17:27 20-10-2007
i do my wife all the time.does that count
#19 Posted by bisthrngrl on 17:32 20-10-2007
Originally posted by oddy

Errrr... I don't see the problem in having sex with a relative?

How bout 3 eyed children?
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#20 Posted by EricLindros on 17:44 20-10-2007
Originally posted by bisthrngrl


How bout 3 eyed children?

Isn't that what eye patches are for?
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