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Have You Ever Had Sex With A Relative? [LOCKED]

Score: 1.87 Votes: 15
#1 Posted by Anonymous on 05:45 20-10-2007
distant or far. be honest! And Vote
#2 Posted by prpres on 05:54 20-10-2007
My Cousin! female!
#3 Posted by InspectorG on 05:57 20-10-2007
No but I got a good story!! I work in a 'retail' environment as a supervisor, a gorgeous blond girl is standing at the register with her mother. As I'm drooling over how hot she is, the cashier asks me over to help with approving a check. As I look over the mothers check, I notice the last name is familiar and say, 'my grandparents last name is the same. The mother says 'whats your grandparents names?' I say it and she instantly says excitedly, ohh hi, this is your cousin Beth!! dammit to hell anyhow, my luck never changes......
#4 Posted by Honda_X on 05:59 20-10-2007
Seriously? People actually fuck their family memeber...

*hears banjo in the distance*

I guess that's why franklin is so fucked up...
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#5 Posted by biggins10 on 06:04 20-10-2007
Loving the fighting side of life what does,nt kill you...........
#6 Posted by Anonymous on 06:15 20-10-2007
#7 Posted by Jujubeez on 06:18 20-10-2007
not a chance, i kinda had this crush on my cousin when i was younger, but she was adopted, so it would had mattered
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#8 Posted by Anonymous on 06:43 20-10-2007
And still dont get the concept of voting............./????????????????
#9 Posted by LesZinghout on 06:50 20-10-2007
Me luckily no. I have a friend though that claims he stuck his dong in his cousin playing "Doctor" when they were young. But it's like I told him, it can't officially be sex if they were both five and reproductiveally inactive/immature. It's like when a puppy starts humping other dogs. He has no idea why he's doing it yet, nor can he do anything.
#10 Posted by Anonymous on 07:00 20-10-2007
humping is one thing but penetration is another. There is no official stroke count. I think if you managed sticking it in than it counts! (Its Official )