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Last comments January 2017

Posted by klitman on 20:50 22-01-2017
This is too funny. He's getting his money's worth and they are telling him to quit burning time. I cannot tell if they are all Cubans, Venezuelans or Colombians.
Posted by mcmillan on 17:30 22-01-2017
Wholesome all American family. Nice.
Posted by bkc on 15:25 22-01-2017
Nice cock no homo
Posted by heatseeker80 on 05:56 22-01-2017
Oh My. I want her to do that to me. Any Fucking time.
Posted by heatseeker80 on 05:55 22-01-2017
That was beautiful. I would love a taste of her.
Posted by ThePNO on 00:25 22-01-2017
She's pretty cute, and took that load like a champ. Would've been nice to see what lead up to that!
Posted by wander52 on 22:46 21-01-2017
the best girl
Posted by heatseeker80 on 08:53 21-01-2017
Oh my Lord
Posted by heatseeker80 on 08:51 21-01-2017
She is really Fucking Cute
Posted by heatseeker80 on 08:42 21-01-2017
Wow. I know I have never turned my laptop on it's side to jerk off before. Just another check off my bucket list.