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Last comments November 2017

Posted by PARA1911 on 01:02 19-11-2017
Looks awesome.
Posted by Nwaho48 on 02:10 18-11-2017
Beautiful 356B Coupe!
Posted by hiproof on 18:39 17-11-2017
1958 Oldsmobile. Fuel filler was under the chrome fin above the driver's side taillight. You flipped the fin to the side to access it. Guess they didn't want to break the lines of the sheetmetal above the side strakes. Curious attention to detail on a vehicle that had terrible overall fit and finish. This beast weighed 4,900 lbs. (2,200 kg), was not particularly roomy, was difficult to enter and exit, handled terribly, got single-digits gas mileage, and was unreliable. Other than that, it was perfect.
Posted by CleavageHunter on 13:56 17-11-2017
Now that's a VW on steroids
Posted by shybrownbear on 05:04 16-11-2017
Looks like a 41 Tatra to me
Posted by F1098 on 01:02 16-11-2017
The little horse on the steering wheel tells all, no ?

Wonderful period picture of lunch, with wine, in the Ferrari garage.
Posted by mayanatsumeman0813 on 00:52 16-11-2017
Four engines? Unreal...
Posted by CleavageHunter on 15:43 15-11-2017
If it got fins then its a cool car
Posted by hottrodd on 16:24 14-11-2017
Wow, don't see many around. They were everywhere when i was a kid....
Posted by dogdude on 04:50 13-11-2017
A true babe magnet.