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Last comments June 2018

Posted by Hawaiiup17 on 08:42 13-06-2018
Only a drizzle
Posted by goldore on 04:38 13-06-2018
Outstanding restoration
Posted by dogdude on 03:24 13-06-2018
Umm, I think I want one.
Posted by chuckup on 21:18 12-06-2018
1966 Fitch Phoenix prototype powered by Chevrolet Corvair engine.
Posted by chuckup on 21:14 12-06-2018
Model T comp/street roadster.
Posted by chuckup on 21:06 12-06-2018
That is the Dog's B*****ks.
Posted by chuckup on 21:02 12-06-2018
Judging by the non stock wheels on the 105E van,Anglia estate and Corsair they have more than the standard running gear.
Posted by chuckup on 20:53 12-06-2018
Morris Series E
Posted by F1098 on 16:23 12-06-2018
Mmmmmmm.....I'll pass
Posted by dennisV6 on 12:54 12-06-2018
Made by strip en rip