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Last comments June 2017

Posted by romar57 on 19:19 20-06-2017
Did not know this aircraft existed. Or is it a ...shopped job?
Posted by modeladdict on 04:37 20-06-2017
A slightly scaled down replica of a Marmon Wasp. Fit to a 1915 Model T chassis
Posted by heatseeker80 on 03:07 19-06-2017
That's Fuckin Beautiful.
Posted by heatseeker80 on 03:05 19-06-2017
Fuck Yeah!! I want one!
Posted by dennisV6 on 12:29 16-06-2017
Thats funny as hell
Posted by F1098 on 00:25 16-06-2017
275LM Ferrari
Posted by jerryseagrahm on 00:19 15-06-2017
all that smoke and not a lick of fire to back it up looking intimidating dont win races and a trailer queen is like having a huge dick and being impotent
Posted by azdesertrat on 22:17 14-06-2017
sharp '67 with the hood mounted tach
Posted by BobGums on 16:36 14-06-2017
1969 TA
Posted by BobGums on 16:36 14-06-2017
wow hubcaps on a Firebird !