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Last comments April 2017

Posted by F1098 on 04:19 18-04-2017
K-6 ???
Posted by cuttinitup on 20:14 17-04-2017
That engine done blowed up
Posted by rtking69 on 14:42 16-04-2017
ye haa!
Posted by FatSmeagol on 14:42 16-04-2017
Cool picture
Posted by mayanatsumeman0813 on 14:39 16-04-2017
It's bird, it's a plane, it's... Supertruck!
Posted by mayanatsumeman0813 on 14:33 16-04-2017
Look a flying car...
Posted by TJRed on 05:12 16-04-2017
Original thru out...
Posted by stan1027 on 22:43 14-04-2017
where was this taken?
Posted by TJRed on 14:32 13-04-2017
Love the originals especially when under way.....
Posted by muffin78 on 07:22 13-04-2017
Not really a Beetle fan, but this is pretty cool. If I could make one change though, it would be a larger tire. I think the low profile makes them look a little to small. The rim size is good, I'd just like to see more tire taking up space in those fenders, especially in the back. Those big flared fenders just seem meant for them.