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Last comments January 2017

Posted by rtking69 on 03:45 15-01-2017
It's an AMC Rambler wagon
Posted by rtking69 on 03:44 15-01-2017
It's a 56 Plymouth Belevadare
Posted by gwed on 02:53 14-01-2017
Did he drive for swift before Crete?
Posted by romar57 on 21:42 11-01-2017
Looks like a Pontiac Firebird.
Posted by romar57 on 21:34 11-01-2017
Great car and a nice neighborhood. Anyone know where?
Posted by seejr on 04:34 10-01-2017
VERY nice!!
Posted by slider58 on 03:26 10-01-2017
The only way to find the "edge", is to go past it once in awhile.
Posted by Sirguppieman on 16:08 09-01-2017
Originally posted by Skynat1967
It's a fake, look at the front Left wheel

Even if it is it still looks bad ass in my opinion
Posted by Sirguppieman on 16:05 09-01-2017
One of the last land yacht's
Posted by Sirguppieman on 15:45 09-01-2017
Bad ass bug