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Last comments March 2017

Posted by usdoc on 01:29 19-03-2017
It is a Henry J made by Ford 1952-1954
Posted by ratfab on 16:47 18-03-2017
Diamond in the rough
Posted by Land00man on 06:39 18-03-2017
Serious engineering!
Posted by Land00man on 06:36 18-03-2017
Feelin HOT, HOT, HOT! Ohhh Lord!
Posted by shybrownbear on 22:25 17-03-2017
bottom pic nose looks like a subaru
Posted by shybrownbear on 22:04 17-03-2017
Black wagon looks like it was once a hearse
Posted by Donkeypunch015 on 15:15 17-03-2017
Ford's take on the Shelby Datona it was cool
Posted by Donkeypunch015 on 15:13 17-03-2017
I wonder if we will ever see something like this on the road?
Posted by Donkeypunch015 on 15:12 17-03-2017
That's interesting
Posted by Donkeypunch015 on 15:12 17-03-2017
That's the first time I've seen that color combo. It looks good