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Last comments September 2017

Posted by Sirguppieman on 19:53 19-09-2017
What in the crystal meth is this bull shit lol
Posted by Sirguppieman on 19:51 19-09-2017
One of the sexiest sport bikes on the road today
Posted by Sirguppieman on 19:46 19-09-2017
That thing looks mean
Posted by Sirguppieman on 19:41 19-09-2017
This company doesn't makes replicas. They start with the real deal massage the body and interior, up grade the suspension and engine. It's more of a resto-mod than anything
Originally posted by F1098
hate replicas
Posted by Sirguppieman on 19:30 19-09-2017
That's a beast of an S2000
Posted by Sirguppieman on 19:29 19-09-2017
Or he's catching up
Posted by mayanatsumeman0813 on 23:43 16-09-2017
The cycle appears to be falling behind.
Posted by chuckup on 16:15 15-09-2017
I owned a '62 four door Invicta here in England in the early '80s. Lovely car .
Posted by F1098 on 03:38 15-09-2017
I love this !
Posted by UptownCheese on 02:51 15-09-2017
My assistant scoutmaster's car