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Last comments February 2017

Posted by FRITT on 19:38 20-02-2017
Awesome Photo this is Very Cool!!!!
Posted by seejr on 02:02 20-02-2017
I had this car in college. It was mat-black.
Posted by slider58 on 00:40 20-02-2017
Probably find that at the same dealer that sold the " family truckster" to Clark Grizwold.
Posted by F1098 on 16:27 19-02-2017
the immortal Lotus 25
Posted by FRITT on 10:53 19-02-2017
Awesome Land Rover!!!
Posted by seejr on 21:05 18-02-2017
VERY nice!
Posted by FRITT on 20:36 18-02-2017
Awesome Dooge Power Wagon I Like!!!
Posted by CleavageHunter on 16:23 16-02-2017
Oops somebody needs to learn to park their Merc properly
Posted by CleavageHunter on 18:53 15-02-2017
Cool paint job
Posted by F1098 on 20:56 14-02-2017
Ford GT40 Mk ll