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Last comments February 2018

Posted by CleavageHunter on 21:04 15-02-2018
Damn!!! has the car had one too many drinks?
Posted by chuckup on 20:09 15-02-2018
c.1948 De Coucy Prototype Record car.
Posted by chuckup on 20:08 15-02-2018
Not so much Evel Knievel ,more Awful Kinawful.
Posted by chuckup on 20:02 15-02-2018
Antarctic Snow Cruiser loaned to Rear Admiral Richard Byrd for his Expedition in 1939
Posted by BobGums on 18:21 15-02-2018
Bullitt ! Awesome movie chase scene
Posted by chuckup on 16:25 15-02-2018
Chaparral Mk1
Posted by FRITT on 16:14 15-02-2018
Awesome Unimog!!
Posted by chuckup on 22:17 14-02-2018
Amilcar C6 1927
Posted by mayanatsumeman0813 on 22:03 14-02-2018
A literal fire truck.
Posted by chuckup on 20:31 14-02-2018
Originally posted by cuttinitup
Old school rat rod lol

"You use what you got".