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Last comments May 2017

Posted by mayanatsumeman0813 on 23:12 24-05-2017
There's some serious horsepower in that cycle.
Posted by nemisis02 on 21:29 24-05-2017
Originally posted by mayanatsumeman0813
This Ford pickup can do all kinds of tricks.

Except run!
Posted by nemisis02 on 21:27 24-05-2017
World's angriest VW Bug
Posted by nemisis02 on 21:24 24-05-2017
Microbus extreme edition.
Posted by xfireman on 15:42 24-05-2017
1967. I had one brand new in pale yellow. I had it all of 9 days before it was totaled in an accident.
Posted by BadBoy2005 on 19:03 22-05-2017
I give it ten for simple audacity. Hilarious combo.
Posted by BadBoy2005 on 18:58 22-05-2017
Great car, not sure it would be ideal for Walking dead. Need some more side window bars during reloads.
Posted by dogdude on 03:31 22-05-2017
WOW, way cool..I want it
Posted by seejr on 02:31 22-05-2017
Beautiful work.
Posted by Jebaka on 20:53 19-05-2017
Yes. Fiat from Poland.