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Last comments November 2017

Posted by Donkeypunch015 on 14:57 22-11-2017
I’m just assuming the person who gave it a low score doesn’t know all the work that went into it
Posted by Donkeypunch015 on 14:53 22-11-2017
Originally posted by Sirguppieman
Wow someone had a big o glass of hater-aid today. I can’t believe someone gave a GT 40 a 2

I was thinking the same thing lol
Posted by Donkeypunch015 on 14:52 22-11-2017
Wow a 2 for a GT40
Posted by Donkeypunch015 on 14:51 22-11-2017
Wow I hope the person who gave this thing a 1 though that a 1 was the best. This thing is sick
Posted by Donkeypunch015 on 12:27 22-11-2017
That’s a whole lot of engine
Posted by Snozz_69 on 12:07 22-11-2017
Originally posted by F1098
Take my naked body away in this car !

Now I really wish I had one
Posted by Donkeypunch015 on 11:56 22-11-2017
This is a perfect car for the 24hrs of lemons race
Posted by F1098 on 23:00 21-11-2017
Take my naked body away in this car !
Posted by Sirguppieman on 18:51 21-11-2017
A goldwing powered sport bike. That’s got to have some serious torque
Posted by Sirguppieman on 18:43 21-11-2017
Wow another hater-aid person. A 1 for a Miura wow this thing is a work of art