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Last comments January 2017

Posted by dogdude on 03:31 17-12-2017
No idea what that grill is for.
Posted by azdesertrat on 20:10 16-12-2017
beautiful automobile
Posted by seejr on 06:39 16-12-2017
A beauty.
Posted by slider58 on 01:43 15-12-2017
This is in the south...
...of Mars.
Posted by alexe19 on 22:12 14-12-2017
Graceful "White Swan"
Posted by F1098 on 19:32 14-12-2017
Wow, whoever set this picture up has a great sense of photo styling
Posted by Donkeypunch015 on 18:26 14-12-2017
A BMW MINI interesting
Posted by Donkeypunch015 on 18:18 14-12-2017
I wish Nissan made this
Posted by BobGums on 18:45 13-12-2017
Originally posted by ohmylawd
Did the T/As have 'nostrils'? This is a custom job, no?

NO. The Formula's had front hood edge twin scoops and the TA had the "shaker" hood near the center/rear of the hood. This is a custom job.

Sorry it took five years to reply
Posted by BobGums on 18:43 13-12-2017
Originally posted by Anonymous
is this a factory car?

NO. ....this is from some upfitter company that uses new Camaros and makes them look like Firebirds/Trans Am's.

Sorry it took me seven years to reply to you.