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Last comments January 2017

Posted by mayanatsumeman0813 on 14:23 25-02-2017
Monstrous KW.
Posted by CatBack on 05:55 24-02-2017
Oh they'll try to sue Mercedes for some stupid reason. Then they'll settle out of court for just enough for them to buy another Mercedes.
Posted by CatBack on 05:53 24-02-2017
Time Attack car. Wonder what's under the hood...
Posted by hiproof on 14:56 23-02-2017
Very cool! Thanks for posting. More info here
Posted by Tallen on 09:41 23-02-2017
A cobra is always a 10 even if it is a new one like this.. :-D
Posted by Tallen on 09:40 23-02-2017
looks lifted, whit bigger wheels.. thumbs up for that..
Posted by dekaa on 08:43 23-02-2017
looks awesome
Posted by F1098 on 20:51 22-02-2017
Don't know which model of the WTF this is, but it sure looks like an Indianapolis 500 car from the mid 60's, no ?
Posted by cuttinitup on 01:08 22-02-2017
Originally posted by Donkeypunch015
That looks like Daddy Dave's car from street outlaws

Ya it's his Goliath 2.0
Posted by Donkeypunch015 on 20:26 21-02-2017
That looks like Daddy Dave's car from street outlaws