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Posted by CleavageHunter on 18:50 24-05-2018
LQQks like the guy thought he was a 'ice road trucker'
Posted by chuckup on 17:40 24-05-2018
Cord 812 Police car.
Posted by chuckup on 17:38 24-05-2018
1947 Fordson 7V, V8 petrol engined tipper
Posted by chuckup on 17:20 24-05-2018
Back in the mid Sixties I saw one of these accelerating from a traffic light. I was used to AH Sprites , MGBs and Triumphs but this sounded fantastic. It was just 600cc, 47BHP @ 8500rpm and had the same power as 948cc Sprites, 46@ 5500rpm, of the time, It also revved to 9500rpm whereas the Sprite engine was 6500/7000rpm. Fantastic little car.
Posted by chuckup on 11:47 24-05-2018
In 1969/70 Mopar had a range of colours called High-Impact including Sublime,Green-Go, Hemi Orange,Banana,Go-Man-Go,Plum Crazy and Panther Pink. This is one of the first two colours.
Posted by Tallen on 18:45 22-05-2018
aircooled as a porche shuld be
Posted by Tallen on 18:45 22-05-2018
Hahaha fucking daredevil..
Posted by Tallen on 18:40 22-05-2018
awesome and pure racing
Posted by Tallen on 18:39 22-05-2018
well that is one way to do whit a rx7.. but not sure if i realy like it even if its cool
Posted by Tallen on 18:38 22-05-2018
that was pure racing for sure, those drivers had some balls