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Last comments August 2017

Posted by mayanatsumeman0813 on 19:57 20-08-2017
Cleanest John Deere I've ever seen.
Posted by F1098 on 17:55 20-08-2017
Oh swoon !
Posted by cuttinitup on 03:54 20-08-2017
Originally posted by slider58
Are you trying to tell us it looks fast setting still?

Maybe a little
Posted by BadBoy2005 on 20:25 19-08-2017
Great car, like it with the spoiler though.
Posted by BadBoy2005 on 20:23 19-08-2017
Such a beautiful, impractical car.
Posted by web_jock on 17:14 19-08-2017
Woo wee! What a lowriding beauty!
Posted by web_jock on 17:13 19-08-2017
I know that the school kids nowadays would have absolutely hated this bus with a snowplow; they would still be going to school on a very wintry day.
Posted by web_jock on 17:11 19-08-2017
Hey, I like this bus. Why couldn't I have gone to public school in this?
Posted by web_jock on 17:10 19-08-2017
This is 1 of the sleekest buses that I have ever seen!
Posted by web_jock on 17:09 19-08-2017
Oh yeah, I like the body and the wheels on this baby ...