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Last comments June 2017

Posted by Goodfuck on 12:12 25-06-2017
Too fukkin cool
Posted by muffin78 on 05:40 23-06-2017
If I could give it a score higher than 10, I would.
Posted by stryker13x on 03:31 22-06-2017
It will be a sad day this year when the last Viper rolls off the assembly line....
Posted by stryker13x on 03:28 22-06-2017
2000 Viper GTS-R.... By far still one of the hottest that Dodge ever did.
Posted by mayanatsumeman0813 on 22:58 21-06-2017
I used to have wallpaper many moons ago that had race cars on it... this was one of 'em...
Posted by Donkeypunch015 on 01:52 21-06-2017
Some people just have way too much money
Posted by Donkeypunch015 on 01:46 21-06-2017
From all angles that thing is sick
Posted by Donkeypunch015 on 01:41 21-06-2017
Fuck that's awesome
Posted by Donkeypunch015 on 01:20 21-06-2017
They make some bad ass concept cars to bad their road cars don't look as good
Posted by Donkeypunch015 on 01:17 21-06-2017
That looks better than the Chiron does