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Last comments September 2018

Posted by Sirguppieman on 21:34 20-09-2018
Well that didn’t take long
Posted by chuckup on 12:36 19-09-2018
Milburn electric car. c1917
Posted by seejr on 04:11 19-09-2018
and my favorite color, too!
Posted by seejr on 04:09 19-09-2018
simply beautiful
Posted by seejr on 04:08 19-09-2018
That's FUNNY!
Posted by Will67 on 23:02 18-09-2018
Come with me, leave yesterday behind
And take a giant step outside your mind.
Posted by chuckup on 10:59 18-09-2018
1957 Ford Squire
Posted by chuckup on 10:57 18-09-2018
Ford Thames 300E
Posted by hiproof on 00:39 18-09-2018
My dad had one just like this. It was a terrible car in every respect.
Posted by hiproof on 00:34 18-09-2018
Porsche 917K circa 1969