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#1 Posted by romar57 on 19:19 20-06-2017
Did not know this aircraft existed. Or is it a ...shopped job?
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#2 Posted by Sirguppieman on 23:35 20-06-2017
It looks shopped to me but it looks cool
#3 Posted by wicked-bad on 00:28 21-06-2017
It's not shopped, this was an actual airplane after World War Two, the P (later F)-82 Twin Mustang.
#4 Posted by ihatedrphil on 03:51 11-09-2017
These were used for very long range missions in the Pacific.



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Uploaded on: 19:52 13-06-2017
Uploaded by: eightball88
Brand: Airplanes
Type: XP-82 Twin Mustang
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