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#1 Posted by FatSmeagol on 14:42 16-04-2017
Cool picture
PrivateEyeOne finds this awesome.
#2 Posted by PrivateEyeOne on 23:07 18-04-2017
Great photo! To remember a time when a nation's resources in nearly every aspect were devoted to a common cause with overwhelming approval and participation of the citizens...A time national accord and patriotism was alive in the mind and the heart of America.
Never argue with morons. They will drag you down to their level of intelligence and beat you with their experience.
#3 Posted by Pervydad on 17:46 23-04-2017
Damn what an amazing photo.
#4 Posted by PARA1911 on 16:59 28-04-2017
Awesome photo.



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Uploaded on: 08:20 16-04-2017
Uploaded by: eightball88
Brand: Airplanes
Type: B-29
Views: 568
Comments: 4